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Civitas Nemetum
This page is somehow out of context for some reasons. First: it's in english language for our friends far away on other continents. Second: at the linked picture album monsters, devils and witches were swarming in the center of Speyer at the 30th of January 2010. Generally Speyer is free of monsters ;-) Third: is this page currently only reachable via a direct link. My Speyer pages are not up to date, I'm still taking pictures. Andthere are more important things to do....

Ok, now to the topic!
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Guggemusic Bands at Saturday
winter night on the streets of Speyer
We moved to Speyer about a year ago. Guggemusik, what's that??? Perhaps it may have something to do with the carnival season? I'm from Hamburg in northern Germany, there was no carnival, a too lutheric protestant part of the country.
What about Carnival at the middle Rhine valley, cities like Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz? Nope, I don't like the typical german marching and waltzing tunes from the 19th century they generally play there!
and don't forget to visit the homepage of
our local Guggemusic Band
Even Wikipedia has no english language article about Guggemusik or Guggenmusik. WHAT the he.. IS GUGGEMUSIK?!? It's a marching band, but I've never seen such a kind of a marching band, never heard that strange and also somehow familiar music. The costumes are very colorful and glittering, a little related to the brasilian kind of carnival but without naked skin. (No wonder, look at the snow...)
Guggemusik? No english Wiki, but an Africaans Wiki! Visit Gugge 2000 -UK's 1st Guggemusic Band-
It seems that a strong rythm section is absolutely neccessary. The mighty Sousaphones are also responsible for the aggressive driving sound. The other instruments are plentiful in kind and (if possible) also in numbers. There is no rule about instrumentation, there is no false tone because Guggemusik is designed to be a little on the false side of written music. Consequently no knowledge of musical notation is required. This is a better carnival music for the folks and for the streets, for annual festival in smaller and not so small villages and towns! The impulses that are moving people to dance on the streets, this effect is metering the success of Guggemusik. Yes, they can, they are successful, let's dance!
I forgot the monsters and the devils! About the alemannic carnival and this horrible masques and figures there is an english language Wiki article.
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The neighbors daughter to the right slowly starts understanding that looking evil and beeing evil are two different things. I really hope she may never learn that what powers way too big parts of economy and politics: 'Beeing evil pays good...' Ohh, the off topic warning light is on, back to our harmless carnival monsters!
This was the first great Guggemusik event ever organized by our Speyrer Brezlkracher. They did an excellent job in organizing everything, from parking busses to the overnight stay for much of the 2500 participants. The spectators were not all and don't had to be sober. But there was NO binge drinking, it was pure fun without the nasty aspects of such events. It was a great success, I really hope they can repeat it in 2011!